Safety Net TESTING

Why USE Safety Fall Bags Ltd to do your testing?

  1. We are in Auckland… drop off or pick up service available
  2. Competitive PRICING… from $6.00 per test
  3. Next TEST Date sticker posted back to you with original test results… $0.50 cent each per passed net tested
  4. Detailed reporting, serial number, net size (if provided), breaking point, number of tests required, pass or fail
  5. FAST turnaround… we will have the report back to you by email within 72 hours of receiving Test Meshes…

Above prices exclude GST and pick up…

Test Mesh attached to Safety Net must be tested for UV deterioration at least once a year from first date of entry into active service and every year thereafter.

This will ensure that ‘UV’ has not degraded the nets and that they are fit for purpose.

This testing is carried out by Safety Fall Bags Ltd at our Auckland premises.

On completion of the mesh testing a detailed report will be sent back confirming the test results.

This testing is to determine if each Safety Nets “UV TEST MESH’ supplied has a predicted BREAKING FORCE of 2.2KN (2200nm) as required to prove the net conforms and is stable in accordance with the EN/BS 1263-1:2002 standard.

Comments: This test is not a replacement for visual inspection of the Nets which should be carried out prior to all installs. This is to ensure continued suitability, conformity and continued use of SAFE NETTING practices between tests.

Conditions: The information on this form is private and confidential and remains the property of Safety Fall Bags Ltd until such time as the tests have been paid for.

These tests are carried out by Safety Fall Bags Ltd for the company and date listed on the test form and PASSED or FAILED. Safety Fall Bags Ltd takes no responsibility for the working performance of the nets beyond this date.

TESTS margin of ERROR allowed is 5%.

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