Safety Fall Nets

Safety Fall Nets…

All our certified net installers inspect nets prior to installation to ensure they are complete, free of damage and compliant.

We check to ensure the structure the nets are to be installed on is sound.

We then fix brackets to the top plate under the capping so the nets can be hung on them. Nets are then hung and tied in to make sure they are tight.


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We install intermediate or catenary ropes on nets over 5 metres… minimum every 3 metres.

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Run through a comprehensive check list to ensure nets are installed correctly. Including tie points, centres, gaps, clear air and anchor points.

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We advice the site manager of any issues and complete a handover certificate. Then staple up the ‘Necessary Information’ poster

Once the trusses are stood and the roof installed we return promptly and remove the nets.

We have FIVE teams in Auckland and ONE in Taranaki.

We have a cloud based dispatch system so we can get to your job FAST.

We pride our self on our PPE and professionalism, we will be there on time, work quickly and get out of your way so you can get on with your build.

Trust us we are the professionals!

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