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Safety Fall Bags inflated onsite and clipped together.                                                                            Lightweight and easy to move around your site. Soft Landing System - Fall Protection                                                                   Fall Protection Phone 0800-32-55-22

Safety Fall Bags can be clipped around bracing.                                                                                    Safety Fall Bags set up to support a MID FLOOR install.


Safety Fall Bags during a MID FLOOR install.                                                                                        Safety Fall Bags stood on their end out of the way.

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Safety Fall bags in a LOWER ROOF AREA.                                                                                            Safety Fall Bags Team can move the bags for you.


Safety Fall Bags set up in a open plan room ready for the TRUSSES.                                            Safety Fall Nets & Bags in WARDROBES & Ensuite.


Safety Fall Bags stood on end so ROOF PACK can be craned in.                                                    Roof PACK room allows the roof pack to be passed up


Roof Pack ready to be broken and then passed up.                                                                            Once the roof pack has been passed up just drop the bags down.

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Safety Fall Nets Corner tie.                                                                                                                      Safety Fall Net hung is bracket screwed into the top plate.

Nets above 1                                                                       Nets Large open room

Safety Fall Nets from above.                                                                                                                   Safety Fall Nets from below.

CPM 3                                                                       CMP 2

Commercial install of Safety Fall Nets.                                                                                                Job done, Safety Fall Bas were used while the trusses were installed

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Commercial Safety Fall Bags set up for Traydeck install.                                                              Commercial Safety Fall Bags under traydeck ready to pour

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Safety Fall Bags during the roof install.                                                                                             Safety Fall Bags under worker while standing trusses.


Safety Fall Bags used as edge protection.                                                                                          Safety Fall Bags used while installing a sky light.


Truck & team