Q. Get To Know Your Product.

Has your soft landing system provider given you half bags or full size bags?

Q.What is the standard drop height ?

Safety Fall Bags working height is 3 meters from top of the bag, giving work platform height of 4.1m from floor.

Q. Why are fall heights exaggerated on other websites in NZ?

1. Refer back to overseas agent or parent company for true fall heights.

2. Can’t comply to fall heights on nz buildings.

3. Is it from top of the bag or finish floor level ?

4. Greed as they want the job at any cost (by putting people in danger)

Q. Do you also install Safety Nets ?

Yes we install Safety Nets, Safety Nets Installed in stairwells or voids or full house of safety nets.

Q.Challenge Your Supplier.

Would your other supplier fall from 5.6m into his bags?  I bet you he wouldn’t on his tiny hard bags.

We have in a test environment and onsite… you can trust safety fall bags.

Q. Can we have both safety fall bags & safety nets installed?

Yes you can, our installers can do you a bag / net combo saving you $$$.

Yes you can have a phased approach…

Phase 1; Safety Fall Bags for the MID FLOOR or TRUSS install.

Phase 2; Safety Fall Nets installed ready for the ROOFER to complete his job.

Phase 3; Removal of Safety Fall bags and or Nets.

Q.Do you perform onsite inspections?

Yes Safety Fall Bags and Nets do onsite inspections. then recommend the safest, fastest, easiest and most cost effective solution for your job.

Q. Do You Deliver & Setup? 

Yes Safety Fall Bags deliver & set up onsite where YOU want them… (not just dumped at the FENCE).

We take care to make sure we don’t slow your progress while we set up bags  or install nets for you, our staff are all site safe trained.