Safety Fall Bags & Safety Nets SYSTEM

Single Level Dwelling…

Large open plan areas and garages… How do you stand TRUSSES with NETS in the way?

YOU could use a CRANE?

YOU could undo the nets and drop them on the floor? (this is VERY common practice on most sites!)


We provide Safety Fall Bags clipped together in RAFTS (FEATURING bottom clips so RAFTS can be moved away from the frames).

Simply keep the Safety Fall Bags under the worker while standing and moving through the trusses on the bottom cord. The rest of the team can work from either the floor, mobile scaffold or ladders.

Bags open room

SFB & Nets Layout with Detail A

Two Story Dwelling…

We have a phased approach to two story dwellings…

Phase 1: We use Safety Fall Bags set up in rafts on the GROUND FLOOR so the MID FLOOR can be installed. See Safety Fall Bags page for more details… click here.

Phase 2: We discuss the truss install plan with the builder and leave one or two rooms without NETS. Instead we stand Safety Fall Bags on their end in the room. This allows for the roof pack to be craned into this room… From there the roof pack can be passed up off the floor. Once the trusses are stood and ready for the roof to be installed the Safety Fall Bags are dropped into place (or we can return and net this room) so the roof can be completed.

Phase 3: We remove the Safety Fall Bags and/or Safety Fall Nets

Bags stood up with roof pack logo    Roof pack room with bags upright

Bags stood up with roof pack    Roof pack room with bags upright_#4

Below is a diagram of the typical two story Safety Fall Bags & Safety Nets deployment…

Bag & Net Layout_Large_Photo_4_Jackie


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